Who is my favorite book boyfriend?

Posted at Oct 21, 2017 9:47 pm

I’m often asked who my favorite hero is out of all my books. While I love them each for different reasons, my all time favorite is Drew Cannon from Destination Wedding and Holiday Wedding.

Drew massively messed up his relationship with Lauren Kincaid in Destination Wedding. I’m talking huge screw up. I even wrote about it in a fun character interview between him and me that originally appeared on the Crimson Romance blog.

Fast forward a year after Destination Wedding released. I was having a medical procedure done that I needed to be put under. I warned everyone that I was a romance author working on a book and that if I mention a Jason it’s my hero in my current story.

Well, I did babble but it wasn’t Jason. It was Drew who I talked about while asleep, and apparently I was in an argument with him regarding the outcome of his story! Shortly after, I began writing Holiday Wedding!

Here’s the June 2013 interview with my favorite book boyfriend!

Robyn: “Drew, so this week’s THE week. Finally! How are you feeling about your brother’s love story being shared with the world? Are you as excited as I am?”

Drew: “Not really. I’m kind of annoyed if I’m totally honest. This book was supposed to be about me – my big day, my wedding, my sailing into the sunset with the woman I love. But oh, no. My twin brother and my wedding planner hijacked my moment on our flight to Hawaii. Luke owes his happy ending all to me. I mean, I was the one that offered to trade seats in the first place.”

Robyn: “Well actually, since I wrote the story, I know you pretty much stormed up the aisle and demanded he switch with you. Was Kate really that bad to sit with?”

Drew (laughing and shaking his head): “Don’t get me wrong, I love Kate. She is, after all, going to be related to me in more ways than one. But the woman was a freakin’ lunatic, and I didn’t know at the time that she was planning my wedding. All I wanted was a little tequila and tonic and to kick back for a few hours. Wasn’t going to happen with ‘crazy lady’ next to me. Kate kept chanting ‘I do. I do.’ – I still don’t get why she does that, but she does it a lot. That and all the talk of orphaning her fur babies … I couldn’t take it. What man could?”

Robyn: “Apparently your brother. So you trade seats and Luke pretends he’s you while you’re all up in the air. At some point he kisses Kate in attempt to ease her nerves … that must of made things a bit awkward once you landed and Kate discovered she was your wedding planner?”

Drew: “You think? The first time she met Lauren and me to talk about our wedding was so weird. She spilled her drink all over herself and looked like she’d seen a ghost. I had no idea why. I didn’t know my brother had tried to check her into the Mile High Club. It wasn’t until we were alone the next day that I realized she had the hots for me … I mean Luke.”

Robyn: “Your brother was crazy about Kate from day one. Did he tell you about their time alone in Maui?”

Drew: “Not much. He did tell me about the waterfall. That was messed up. ”

Robyn: “Wow. I can’t believe he told you about the slip in the waterfall. That was supposed to be one hot moment. There’s no doubt about it. Kate certainly did confuse you two often. Can you blame her? You’re completely identical except for one little difference. How she ultimately figures out that Luke was the one who kissed her silly on that flight, and not you, was quite funny, yes?”

Drew: “Funny for whom? That’s when everything went south for me. We now refer to what happened on the beach as ‘the incident.’ Kate initiated it, I responded and then did the stupidest thing ever. Do I regret it? Hell, yeah. But you know, the truth was finally out in the open. I never thought Luke’s idea to play me was a good one.”

Robyn: “So, Drew, I’ve been thinking about how things turned out for you and possibly doing a follow up story to Destination Wedding. Interested?”

Drew: “Seriously? Yes, I’m interested. I made one big mistake in Destination Wedding, and I’m really hoping you give me a second chance to make things right. Let’s start now. I’ll help you write it. Just don’t get any ideas about having Kate’s assistant, Miles, plan the next wedding. That guy gets on my nerves.”

Robyn: “What should I call it?”

Drew: “Holiday Wedding, Shot Gun Wedding, I don’t care what it’s called. I need my happy ending, Robyn!”




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