One Sweet Match Up (Book 5)

For 10 years, renown chef Donovan Foster made his life in Denver, way too busy with making a culinary name for himself to stop and pick up a wife and kids along the way. When he realizes that all of his friends in Buttermilk Falls are settling down, he begins to feel idle. Sure, business is good, but he’s tired of his life and the food he’s known for. Convinced he’s lost his spark, he decides to change direction straight back to Buttermilk Falls in search of it.

Being fired by Donovan Foster two days on the job had been one of the worst experiences of Zoe Mathews’s life. Humiliated, she’d hightailed it out of Denver, looking for a fresh start, opening up a frozen yogurt shop in Buttermilk Falls. Nearly a year later, she’s licked her wounds, running the Ice Heaven shop on Main Street. Little did she know that Donovan is the town’s golden boy who recently returned home to find his spark.

During a brutal blizzard, Donovan ends up trapped with Zoe in the Sugar Spoon bakery, but can’t place where they’ve met. It’s a secret she’s determined to keep, even after the snow stops flying. He, on the other hand, is drawn to the beautiful, blond frozen yogurt shop owner who possesses the spark he lost.

As Zoe tries to keep Donovan at bay, Mother Nature has a master plan to bring them together – or possibly it’s the town’s supreme matchmaker pulling the strings, even though she’s dead.

One Sweet Match Up is a laugh-out-loud romantic comedy with a touch of magic, a small town full of loveable characters, yummy cupcakes, and one sassy, matchmaking ghost. It’s the fifth book in the Bachelors of Buttermilk Falls series.


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