Falling for Mr. Wright Cover Reveal!

Posted at Oct 15, 2017 9:59 pm

It’s always a fun day when an author receives an e-mail with her cover attached for the first-time. Actually, it is THE day! Only second to release day. It’s beyond exciting to see what your publisher and cover artist have come up with to best show the world what your book is about. It’s a pretty cool adrenaline rush.

 I always hold my breath, hoping I’ll love it. Fortunately, I squeal more often than not. Out of 10 books there was only one that I cocked my head and said “really?”

But there was no frown or heart dropping to stomach when I opened my e-mail to view my Lovestruck cover with Entangled. I LOVED it!



How much do I love my new cover? Here are my top three reasons why this cover is the best cover for this book!

3. Because I can just picture my hero, Ryan Wright, and heroine, Sarah Leonard, flirting on a bean bag chair at NPH Designs, the eco-friendly architectural firm they work at in NYC.

2. I seriously need to find a teal skirt like the one the cover model is wearing. (If you know where I can buy one, will you leave a link in the comments?) And what about bean bag chairs in the office? It’s sooooo millennial and so fun!  

and … 1.

1. My heroine’s clearly fallen for my hero in this cover … Ha, if only it was that easy for them!

Happy sigh. It’s just perfect. Thank you, Entangled and Heather Howland. Falling for Mr. Wright releases on Dec. 4, 2017. Bloggers, if you are on NetGalley and interested in reviewing, you’ll find the link here.

In celebration of it’s upcoming release, I’m having a massive giveaway of tote bags, Clinique products, signed books and other holiday goodies to my e-newsletter subscribers. Sign up by November 15 on my website’s homepage for a chance to win!


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