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Posted at Feb 9, 2015 12:34 am

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To celebrate the Fairy Tale Fun Blog Hop, I thought I would share a scene from my current work in progress. It’s a follow up to my romagic comedy Batter UpTangled Up

In Tangled Up, my feisty red-headed heroine, Abby, and her beautiful blonde cousin, Emma, dress up as none other than Anna and Elsa from Frozen. Here’s a sneak peek!


Abby parted her hair and began braiding each side, tucking a loose red strand behind her ear. She’d tried on her pirate wench costume this morning, but ultimately decided that anything matching Brandon’s, wasn’t a good idea.

Emma had stopped by earlier with her costume, giving Abby an alternative that under normal circumstances, she would have enjoyed wearing and embracing the spunky Disney character.

Now, all she wanted to do was jump in her bed, hide underneath the covers, and hibernate until spring. Instead, she pulled the purple cape over her shoulders and smoothed her blue skirt.

How was she going to look Brandon in the eyes tonight after yesterday’s conversation where she’d basically questioned his moral judgment for making love to her when he knew Caitlin was pregnant?

Even after he told her it wasn’t his—and the jury was still out on that as far as Abby was concerned—his outburst on how he’d felt if Caitlin wasn’t telling him the truth, gutted her.

It was exactly what Abby was doing. Keeping secrets that would ultimately hurt him.

Not wanting to burst into tears then and there, she’d hightailed it into the kitchen to get started on the food prep. Not long after, she heard his car pull out of the driveway, and he never came back.

He did text her last night saying he was sorry for leaving without saying goodbye and attached a picture of his pirate costume.

She grabbed her phone off of her nightstand and pulled up the text, staring at the gold hook. Tonight was supposed to be wonderful for them on so many levels. He’d show off his hard work on the inn while sharing his plans for its future, and she would give all the guests scrumptious samplings from her Taste the Magic menu.

Now, if she got through it in one piece it would be a miracle.

It was possible that Caitlin’s baby wasn’t Brandon’s, but what if it was? When he learned that Abby was also carrying his baby, would he chose the woman who he could actually remember sleeping with or a woman he didn’t even know that they’d even been together?

All of it was too much. For a fraction of a second, Abby contemplated not telling him about the spell or that her baby was his.

But she couldn’t do that. She wasn’t that person. She’d made terrible choices this month, but she was going to tell Brandon the truth—all of it.

She’d lose him, that much she was sure of, but she never really had the whole Brandon to begin with—the one who remembered their first six weeks together.

Her doorbell rang, and she headed to answer it while loosening the cape around her neck.

“Well, look at you Anna from Arandale.” Emma sauntered in in her long sparkly blue gown, her blonde hair braided in one long, pretty braid.

“Hello, Elsa.” Abby giggled. “And no, I’m not going to suggest we build a snowman.”




This is a blog hop you’ll want to enter! One lucky winner will win Grand Prize for this hop is the Congratulations Magic Morsels 48 Gift Box from Fairytale Brownies, which includes a bite-size assortment (Caramel, Chocolate Chip, Original, Raspberry Swirl, Walnut, Cream Cheese) of 48 delicious gourmet brownies. (This giveaway is open to US residents only.)

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To enter, leave a comment below answering this question. If you could be any Disney princess (or villain) for Halloween who would it be? I would definitely be Belle:). 

Thanks for stopping by. Hop to the next stop! Don’t forget to leave comments at all the stops to increase your odds of winning!

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9 responses to “Fairy Tale Fun Blog Hop!”

  1. Mai T. says:

    Princess Mulan with the brave heart!

  2. Uma Kayla G says:

    Princess Jasmine would be fun (for the weather and food!) or Belle with her endless library filled with books (as long it wasn’t snowing LOL)! 🙂

  3. Princess Aurora (Sleeping Beauty) has always been my favorite Disney princess.

  4. bn100 says:


  5. Alexia Evans says:

    Thanks for the opportunity. Belle from Beauty and the Beast. I always have my nose in a book.

  6. Eliza Watson says:

    I would be Tinkerbell. And I love the opening hook in this excerpt. Quelle dilemma!

  7. shadowluvs2read says:

    Mulan! I love her! Tho, id probably end up hurting myself with the sword. Im not all that coordinated. lol Thank you! Fun post! Tho, Belle was a close second for me. I already walk around with a book in a my hand. I could really sell being Belle! hehe

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