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Favorite Heroines Giveaway Hop!

Posted at Jun 17, 2015 1:11 pm

favorite heroines


I’m so excited to participate in the Favorite Heroines Giveaway Hop hosted by Herding Cats & Burning Soups! 

Let’s get to the **prizes** first for my stop, I’ll be raffling off two electronic copies from my back list and one Amazon $5.00 gift card so be sure to leave a comment! Also, in preparation for my September release I’m going to do *Amazing* giveaways of giftcards in August to my e-newsletter subscribers, so be sure to sign up on my home page!

Okay, I love to write fun, sweet and sassy heroines, sometimes giving them a dash of magic to play with! Here’s a scene from my upcoming book, Tangled Up, Book 2 in my Bachelors of Buttermilk Falls series.

Tangled Up

Abby flew into her usual spot at the Sugar Spoon bakery, slammed her blue Honda into park, and jumped out. Her shift didn’t start until noon so she’d have three hours to accomplish what she needed to do to end things with Brandon for good this time.

            Pulling open the glass door, she interrupted Emma canoodling with her boyfriend, Jason Levine, behind the counter. The former Miami Herald reporter was Brandon’s best friend, but Abby tried not to hold that against him. After all, Jason was a nice guy with a decent head on his shoulders.  “Seriously. Is everyone in this town in love?”

            Emma stepped out of Jason’s embrace and adjusted her straight blond ponytail. “Good morning. Why are you here so early?”

            Abby shrugged not wanting to reveal that she was going to lock herself in the kitchen until she’d performed the mother of all spells. “I thought I’d do some baking.”

            “Oh, really?” Emma grabbed a pink coffee mug and filled it to the rim, passing it to Abby. “What are you making?”

            “Nothing special.” Reaching for the cream and sugar, Abby poured cream into her coffee and added a sugar packet. “Mel’s been demanding my blueberry pumpkin bread since Labor Day, so I’m going to whip up a loaf.” The beloved owner of the Star Lite diner was known for his famous recipes that included blueberries and infamous for his blueberry, bacon, and blue cheese burgers, or as the town affectionately called, the BBB burger.

It was quite possible that Mel requested her delicious bread. Although with his stock of blueberries, he could probably make it himself.

            “Oh, I have something of yours, Abby.” Jason slid off the counter stool and reached into his khakis, pulling out an orange and silver beaded bracelet. “Brandon asked me to return this to you.”

            “That’s not mine,” Abby scoffed.

            Emma raised an exaggerated eyebrow, snatching the jewelry out of her boyfriend’s hand. “Sure looks like the bracelet I gave you last month for your birthday.”

            “No. Not mine.” Abby turned and rushed into the kitchen with her coffee, knowing full well she was busted. Of course her cousin knew who she’d been sharing a bed with this entire fall. Emma and she were not only related, but best friends who told each other everything.

Growing up with an older brother who’d loved to tease Abby mercilessly and pretty much threatened to beat up any guy who looked her way, it was nice to have a supportive confidante in Emma. They’d spent hours as teenagers talking about boys, hair, and makeup—usually in that order.

            Emma knew everything about Abby’s fling with Brandon, and Abby was pretty sure her in bed companion kept Jason up-to-date on what they were doing as well.

            Out of her cousin’s sight, she let out a sigh. How did she get into this mess? Her summer had started out so promising. Always coming up short in the love department, she’d finally met a nice guy last July who was smart, compassionate, and extremely easy on the eyes. She’d paid big bucks for him at the town’s annual Summer Fling auction, but Carter Manning had been worth every penny.

            Once a year, the town held a charity benefit where single guys auctioned themselves off for the summer. Available women from all around came to the event ready to bid on a summer fling. Flings were then paired up for casual summer dating, whether it be picnics in the town park, hiking the Buttermilk Falls trails, or romantic evenings boating on the lake.

She’d done all those things with the visiting veterinarian. They’d had such a good time on their dates with all signals indicating they were moving in the right direction. That was until his work in Buttermilk Falls was cut short unexpectedly, and he headed back to Indianapolis.

            Since Carter had no plans to return anytime soon, Abby chalked up their time together as summer fun. He promised he’d stay in touch, but she wasn’t really disappointed when his calls and texts became few and far between. She wasn’t about to pine for a guy who no longer lived in the same state as her.   

            A few weeks after Carter left, she hooked up with Brandon, and the thought made her nose wrinkle. It wasn’t like her to jump into bed with a man who she wasn’t even dating let alone keep doing it. That behavior needed to change.

Why she’d gotten involved with this guy she still didn’t have a reasonable answer. Yeah, Brandon was gorgeous with his short, dirty blond hair, blue eyes, and killer abs, but word spread through town like a summer wildfire that he was recently divorced and not looking for anything beyond a good time.

            Well, he could look for it somewhere else. Abby pulled the dusty lavender book of spells from her black tote and began sifting through its pages. She’d stopped by her Aunt Sheila’s house this morning and asked if she could borrow it.

            Emma’s mother had given her the book, no questions asked. Given Abby’s unsuccessful track record when it came to magic, she suspected her aunt didn’t really think she’d be able to cast a spell.

Though Abby had never been able to fully cast the Batter Up spell that Emma whipped up so effortlessly every Monday night, she was determined to succeed at conjuring up an entirely different one that would have the opposite effect on its intended.

            Opening the spell book, she flipped to page twenty two and studied the purple cursive words practically floating off the page: Reverse Attraction Spell. That’s the one. She began rummaging through the kitchen, collecting all the ingredients she’d need.

            Her plan was simple. She’d cast the spell and then take the enchanted cupcake to Brandon later tonight during his shift at the Buttermilk Tavern. Once there, she’d watch to make sure he took a bite. Then she’d put his physical attraction to her to the test. If all went according to plan, she wouldn’t receive his usual invitation to join him after his shift.  


Hope you enjoyed! Leave a comment telling us who your favorite book or television heroine is for a chance to win and hop onto the next! 



Taste the Magic!

Posted at Jun 2, 2015 1:01 am

BatterUp_CVR_XSML (1) Today, I’m thrilled to re-release Batter Up, Book 1 in my Bachelors of Buttermilk Falls series.

 I simply love writing this series – and still am! The third book, Kiss and Make Up, is nearly complete. I should wrap it up in about four weeks, and that is going to be one sad day. 

 But today I celebrate Batter Up’s release! It’s available exclusively on Amazon.

Here’s a sneak peek!


The selected bachelor of Buttermilk Falls stood frozen, waiting for Emma Stevens to deliver the life-changing news. She hoped she wouldn’t disappoint him.

“Okay, fellas, step back and take a load off. The batter needs some breathing room to do its magic,” Abby Stevens ordered the male patrons who gathered around the Sugar Spoon bakeshop’s shiny pink counter—the typical Monday night crowd. All single guys, each hoping Emma would pick him for the following week. “Emma will share the news when she’s ready.” She spun around and crossed her fingers. “I just know it’s going to be Bridget Dobson. I can feel it.”

Emma smiled at her younger cousin. It wasn’t the first time she’d seen the budding bakery apprentice and fiery redhead bounce off the walls with excitement. It happened every Monday night.

Reaching down, Emma grabbed their grandmother’s shimmering pink mixing spoon from underneath the counter. Once her customers left, she’d lock it up in her office safe. In the wrong hands, who knew what could happen.

Her cousin’s warm breath tickled the back of her neck. She glanced behind her, and Abby quickly stepped back. “Sorry.”

“Shall we do this?” Emma asked, directing her question to Tom Reed, her dear high school friend. Tom was last week’s randomly drawn bachelor, eager to change his status on Facebook from “single” to “in a relationship.”

Tom straightened his well-worn Yankees ball cap, which hid the fact he was balding. “You know, Emma, I didn’t believe you could do this, but Chad said it worked one hundred percent for him. I thought, ‘What the hell.’”

Emma laughed. Come to think of it, she’d never seen Tom in her bakery on Monday night until last week. The guys had attributed it to beginner’s luck when Emma drew his name. Maybe it was—or maybe there were some special forces working here. She often thought her dead grandmother’s spirit roamed the Sugar Spoon, especially on Monday night—or Batter Up night, as it was known by the town’s residents. Emma had a knack for always picking the right bachelor out of the hat who was ready to meet his match, commit to her fully, and head to the altar.

“You thought, ‘What the hell?’” Abby stepped around the counter and swatted Tom. “That’s not romantic. No wonder you need our help.” She slid onto the empty barstool next to him and sighed. “Men.”

Emma smiled at the banter between the two. She loved everything about this weekly event. The idea that she had a huge role in bringing two people together who were meant to fall in love made her incredibly giddy. She just hid it better than Abby. Monday nights also brought a different kind of energy into the bakery. It probably had something to do with all the testosterone in the air.

“You ready?” She picked up a tiny bottle of pink heart sprinkles. They were just for show. Everyone thought it was the sprinkles that were enchanted, but she knew differently. Abby kept that secret, too.

Tom nodded and leaned in. “I’m ready.”

She twisted the top off and lightly tapped the bottle, watching the tiny pink hearts float into the white mixing bowl. “You know, Tom, nothing’s one hundred percent guaranteed.”

Abby snorted her disbelief. Okay, in the last three years, Emma did have a perfect track record. All marriages, no divorces. She’d give her cousin that. She took a deep breath and closed her eyes, reciting the familiar love spell in her head.

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Celebration Time!

Posted at May 28, 2015 11:18 pm

Tea for everyone courtesy of this guy!


 My fellow authors in the  Emerald Springs  Legacy  collection, and I  received some terrific  news today. The bundle,  which came out in  February, just surpassed  10,000 sales. Whoo-hoo!

 The complete collection,  which includes all five  books, can be purchased  at all e-retailers including Amazon for $0.77.

The bundle also comes with a Trouble Brewing prequel and chapter sampler. The complete books can be found after the sampler on your e-reader.



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Act Now! Winter Dreams Disappears Soon!

Posted at May 25, 2015 10:09 pm

CAEGEWeUYAAiAwVThe WINTER DREAMS bundle, which includes my romantic comedy CHRISTMAS DINNER is on sale thru May 29 at all e-retailers including Amazon for $0.77. Here’s a special sneak peek!




Chapter One


December 22

The mayor of Wilmington was high on top of the naughty list this year. News anchor Amanda Turner was going to make sure he received a well-deserved stocking full of coal to hang in his jail cell.

She stood in the control booth and reviewed her notes. Minutes ago, her script had been successfully uploaded into the teleprompter. She was finally ready to break the news.

For months, she had worked tirelessly to expose Mayor O’Malley for mishandling his reelection funds. Lavish vacations, special gifts for his wife, and expensive outings around town with local celebrities were just a few ways he spent his supporters’ donations. His inexcusable behavior was about to be revealed.

Amanda would make sure that the honest, hard-working people of Wilmington knew the truth and that WENC news was on their side. Her producer, Jeff Wakefield, tested out the shot of Jenny Jenkins, a field reporter stationed outside the mayor’s office where the press conference would later take place.

“Good morning, Jenny,” Amanda said, leaning over Jeff’s shoulder. “You look great. Ready to break the story?”

“I’m ready.” Jenny gave them a thumbs-up signal. “Talk to you soon.”

Jeff turned to pat Amanda’s back. “Santa Claus certainly came early for us, didn’t he?”

She laughed. “Yes, he did.” Busting the mayor had been a long time coming. It was a real team effort—with the exception of one particular colleague—her tall, dark, and arrogant co-anchor who was now ten minutes late.

Rumor had it he’d had some fun at the staff Christmas party last night. Not that she paid attention to office gossip—nor had she attended the event. She wasn’t a fan of Christmas these days. Besides, she was way too busy taking down the mayor.

She set aside her backup notes and fished out her compact from her purse to check her makeup one last time. The news station didn’t have a professional makeup artist for the on-air talent, but her assistant, Lacy Cavanaugh, had given her a hand this morning to make sure her face was flawless.

Suddenly, a blue eye appeared in her mirror. She jumped.

“Good morning, Brenda Starr. Ready for your big moment?” Tate Ryan stood directly behind her. “Sorry, didn’t mean to scare you.”

Amanda snapped the compact shut, crossed the studio to the anchor desk, and took her seat. Her eyes zoomed in on his tie. “Seriously?” She pointed to the red and green stripes.

“What?” Tate sat in his chair and spun around.

“Your tie.”

“Just trying to be festive. Do you have something against Christmas?”

Amanda ignored him. She always wore royal blue on Wednesdays, and he knew it. Lacy always sent him an e-mail each afternoon, reminding him what color to wear the next day. It helped ensure they didn’t clash on camera. He’d worn the tie to get a rise out of her. Typical Tate.

She smoothed her straight blonde hair along her jaw line. Well, it wouldn’t work today. This was her moment, and nothing he could say, do, or wear was going to ruin it. Jeff stepped up to the desk.

“Nice work, you two. You’re quite the dynamic duo.”

“Thanks,” Tate responded and flashed a smile toward Amanda. “I couldn’t agree more.”

Amanda rolled her eyes. It figured Tate would try to take some of the credit. It really didn’t surprise her. No matter. Jeff had agreed to let her break the story.

“All right. Let’s give the mayor a Christmas gift he can rewind and replay into the New Year.” Jeff’s eyes twinkled. “Ho, ho, ho . . .”

“Break a leg, Ace.” Tate winked. Ernie, their cameraman, signaled.

“Three, two, one.”

Amanda stared into the camera and smiled brightly. “Good morning, Wilmington. I’m Amanda Turner.”

“And I’m Tate Ryan. Your morning news starts right now. Thanks for joining us.”

She took a deep breath, her expression serious. This was it. Her time to shine. “In breaking news—” She paused, waiting for her next few lines to appear on the teleprompter.

Something was wrong. Where was the next line? The words on the screen stopped moving. The machine appeared to be stuck. She looked down at the table and her heart galloped. Her backup notes were not on the desk. Dammit. She must have left them in the control room. This couldn’t be happening. Not today.

Please work. Please work. Improvisation was not her strong suit. You can do this. Say something. “In breaking news . . .” she repeated. That was it; her voice stalled out much like the teleprompter.

“In news you’re hearing first on WENC,” Tate interjected. Ernie swung the camera over to Tate. “An investigation has uncovered that Mayor Chris O’Malley allegedly used reelection funds for personal use. Our Jenny Jenkins is reporting live from outside the mayor’s office where a press conference is scheduled for 10 A.M. Jenny, what are you hearing? Will the mayor be addressing these allegations personally?”

Amanda’s jaw dropped. She was unable to comprehend what had just happened. Tate had broken her story! She motioned for him to toss it back to her, but he either didn’t see her or didn’t want to.

All she could do was listen as Tate fired one question after another to the reporter. Three minutes later, he wrapped up. “Thanks, Jenny. We’ll continue to provide coverage on this explosive story as it develops.”

The camera zoomed in on Amanda, snapping her back to the moment. The teleprompter was working and running the next few lines. Words originally meant for Tate, but were now hers. Humiliated, she forced a smile and read the next line. “In other news . . .”

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New York Minute – Release Day Blitz!

Posted at Mar 9, 2015 12:17 am

A huge congratulations to my friend Melinda Dozier on her release of New York Minute with Crimson Romance. Check it out!


NewYorkMinute Shy accountant Veronica Bass is determined  to live  it up a little before settling down with a  perfectly  respectable man to live a perfectly  respectable life,  just the way her mother  wants.

 So when rock star Diego Diaz flashes his  bedroom  eyes at her during a wedding  reception, Veronica swallows her shyness and  leads him to the nearest hotel room. Now this total sex god keeps popping up in her life, and she finds herself telling some not-so-little white lies to keep him interested.

Diego’s world evolves around music, women throwing themselves at him, and having fun. His lifestyle hasn’t allowed him to find the right girl to settle down with until now, but his own secret stands in the way of forming a lasting relationship with Veronica.

Is their love destined to last for only a New York minute?


Book Links




Crimson Romance




“They have the connection, physical and emotion … However, they left out some things from each other and that’s the real dilemma here. It’s all good because it ends nicely!” — Bookaholic Fairies


Every time I was away from this book, I couldn’t wait to get back to it. This is an amazing read…” Reader


“Melinda has done it again!!! I absolutely love the way that she makes us all swoon for her characters in her stories and not be able to put it down until we are done.” Reader


Special Excerpt

Time to focus on the Cosmo article she read two days before about flirting. She sipped her citrus martini, and as she brought the glass down, she licked her lips and glanced at her target. He actually flinched, the hunger in his eyes darkening. Barely enough for anyone to notice, but she did. She ran her hand up and down her neck, closing her eyes for a minute. When she opened them to look his way again, he had already started to walk in her direction. No, he didn’t walk; he actually strutted like a man on a mission.


She was his mission. Shit. Shit. Shit. Play it cool, Veronica. You’re a strong, sensual woman. You can do this.


She sipped her yellow drink again to calm herself, and if she was lucky, he wouldn’t notice her shaking. Calm. Sensual. Like a boss.


He positioned himself in front of her, one hand in his pocket and the other holding a tumbler of brown liquid, and rocked on the heels of his dark Dolce & Gabbana brogues.


“Hello.” His voice reverberated down to her core.


She gulped her martini to gain more liquid courage, but rather than bravery, the unthinkable happened. She swallowed the cherry that swam in her drink and the tickle in her throat drove her into a coughing frenzy.


She tried to smile through it, to let him know all was fine and she could still be the sexy seductress. As his large, firm hand patted her back, she fanned the air and grabbed his tumbler, downing the thick liquid.


After a last cough, she cleared her throat one more time. “Whoa. What was that?”


“Whiskey. Neat.” He grinned, his gorgeous caramel eyes lit with an inner glow. “You okay?”


A warmth spread over her cheeks. Holy freaking embarrassment. “It was strong.”


“I could’ve warned you, I guess, but you were busy.” He grinned and squeezed her shoulder with his large hand.


Was that an accent? Damn, could he be more perfect? Immediately, she glanced at his hand that revealed several tattoos peeking out of his jacket hem, from his wrist all the way down to his fingers. No ring. Thank God.


“Can we forget that happened? I’m not usually like that.” She waved her hand in the air and winced inwardly.


God, she wanted to erase that doomed first impression. She was confident, dammit. She didn’t want this dreamy man to know she could be less than sophisticated. Her act was more difficult than she imagined.


“It’s a shame. I kind of liked the unusual first encounter. Not that I want you to choke, but I was ready to save you.” He braced his tattooed hand against the wall behind her, moving closer. His manly smell was soapy, with a hint of wood.


Save her he might. “Who are you?”


He squinted his glowing eyes and turned his head to the side. He didn’t say anything for a long time, just studied her and then rolled on the heels of his feet. “Who are you?”


His “r” rolled off his tongue with a Spanish accent of some kind.


“When someone answers a question with a question, it’s one of two things. Either the person doesn’t have anything interesting to say or he’s hiding something. Are you hiding something?”

He lowered his voice and ran a hand up her arm. “I think we all do. Why are you hiding in the corner?”


Damned if the man’s touch sent shivers all the way to her toes. “So someone like you would find me.”


“Like me? How am I?”


“A man with questions … and a devious grin.”


As suspected, his smile grew and his gaze sought hers. “Well, I came over to tell you how stunning you look, but being a woman of such deep insight, you might take that the wrong way, no?”


“I’ll take it any way you want.” Yep. The alcohol had definitely gotten to her.


About Melinda!

Melinda is a multi-published contemporary romance author with books from Crimson Romance, Swoon Romance and The Wild Rose Press represented by Dawn Dowdle of Blue Ridge Literary Agency. She lives in Guatemala, Central America with her husband/college sweetheart who brings “mucho amor” to her life. Melinda enjoys being the queen of her household and dreams of being pampered fully by her three boys once they are grown. Melinda’s guilty pleasures include reality t.v., traveling, blogging and playing Farmville.


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Fairy Tale Fun Blog Hop!

Posted at Feb 9, 2015 12:34 am

MagicMorselsArtwork (1)


To celebrate the Fairy Tale Fun Blog Hop, I thought I would share a scene from my current work in progress. It’s a follow up to my romagic comedy Batter UpTangled Up

In Tangled Up, my feisty red-headed heroine, Abby, and her beautiful blonde cousin, Emma, dress up as none other than Anna and Elsa from Frozen. Here’s a sneak peek!


Abby parted her hair and began braiding each side, tucking a loose red strand behind her ear. She’d tried on her pirate wench costume this morning, but ultimately decided that anything matching Brandon’s, wasn’t a good idea.

Emma had stopped by earlier with her costume, giving Abby an alternative that under normal circumstances, she would have enjoyed wearing and embracing the spunky Disney character.

Now, all she wanted to do was jump in her bed, hide underneath the covers, and hibernate until spring. Instead, she pulled the purple cape over her shoulders and smoothed her blue skirt.

How was she going to look Brandon in the eyes tonight after yesterday’s conversation where she’d basically questioned his moral judgment for making love to her when he knew Caitlin was pregnant?

Even after he told her it wasn’t his—and the jury was still out on that as far as Abby was concerned—his outburst on how he’d felt if Caitlin wasn’t telling him the truth, gutted her.

It was exactly what Abby was doing. Keeping secrets that would ultimately hurt him.

Not wanting to burst into tears then and there, she’d hightailed it into the kitchen to get started on the food prep. Not long after, she heard his car pull out of the driveway, and he never came back.

He did text her last night saying he was sorry for leaving without saying goodbye and attached a picture of his pirate costume.

She grabbed her phone off of her nightstand and pulled up the text, staring at the gold hook. Tonight was supposed to be wonderful for them on so many levels. He’d show off his hard work on the inn while sharing his plans for its future, and she would give all the guests scrumptious samplings from her Taste the Magic menu.

Now, if she got through it in one piece it would be a miracle.

It was possible that Caitlin’s baby wasn’t Brandon’s, but what if it was? When he learned that Abby was also carrying his baby, would he chose the woman who he could actually remember sleeping with or a woman he didn’t even know that they’d even been together?

All of it was too much. For a fraction of a second, Abby contemplated not telling him about the spell or that her baby was his.

But she couldn’t do that. She wasn’t that person. She’d made terrible choices this month, but she was going to tell Brandon the truth—all of it.

She’d lose him, that much she was sure of, but she never really had the whole Brandon to begin with—the one who remembered their first six weeks together.

Her doorbell rang, and she headed to answer it while loosening the cape around her neck.

“Well, look at you Anna from Arandale.” Emma sauntered in in her long sparkly blue gown, her blonde hair braided in one long, pretty braid.

“Hello, Elsa.” Abby giggled. “And no, I’m not going to suggest we build a snowman.”




This is a blog hop you’ll want to enter! One lucky winner will win Grand Prize for this hop is the Congratulations Magic Morsels 48 Gift Box from Fairytale Brownies, which includes a bite-size assortment (Caramel, Chocolate Chip, Original, Raspberry Swirl, Walnut, Cream Cheese) of 48 delicious gourmet brownies. (This giveaway is open to US residents only.)

Magic Morsels


To enter, leave a comment below answering this question. If you could be any Disney princess (or villain) for Halloween who would it be? I would definitely be Belle:). 

Thanks for stopping by. Hop to the next stop! Don’t forget to leave comments at all the stops to increase your odds of winning!

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Share the Love Blog Hop!

Posted at Feb 6, 2015 6:00 am

 share the love hop

We’re Sharing the Love this week and surprise bombing bloggers and authors we adore with a little love! Hop by all of the blogs for chances to win great prizes at each stop and find out which authors and bloggers we think are so darn special!

**Drumroll** Some of my favorite blogs that you might also enjoy!

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Give them some love and then comment listing one of your favorite blogs for a chance to win one electronic copy from my back list.

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Romantic Rendezvous Blog Hop!

Posted at Feb 4, 2015 12:31 pm

rom ren banner


There’s nothing more fun than a rendezvous in a romance! One of my favorites from my books is from Holiday Wedding where the hero and heroine are planning the hero’s twin brother’s wedding and are instructed to pick out the bride’s outfit for the wedding night!

Excerpt from Holiday Wedding

“This is stupid.” Drew followed Lauren into the lingerie section of what they were told was the only department store in the village. That it was called Vixen’s Sleigh seemed appropriately inappropriate. Apparently the business folks in Snow Frost Mountain had a sense of humor.

“Drew, what do you think of this one?” Lauren held up a black corset with a wicked grin that told him she was having way too much fun with this assignment.

“I think you need to put that back on the rack.” He shifted, meaning every word of that sentence.

“You’re seriously not going to help me?” she asked, batting her lashes. He knew her well enough to know Playful Lauren had come out to complete this mission.

Well, if she wanted to play, he was game. “I think you should try it with this.” He reached over and grabbed a sheer red robe off a nearby rack.

“Fine.” She headed straight for the dressing room, but turned. “You know I’m going to need your approval. I mean, you are the groom’s brother.”

He grinned. “I know exactly what Luke needs.”

While Lauren ducked into a dressing room, Drew glanced around the store full of sexy lingerie. Being two weeks before Christmas, you would think this place would be crowded with guys trying to pick out gifts for their ladies, but that wasn’t the case.

He shook his head, suspecting he knew the reason for the empty store. Luke had probably arranged it. What was his brother up to? Did he want him to have an orgasm with his ex? Because once he saw Lauren in that sexy little number he was sure that was
where this was headed.

Walking over to the dressing room she’d entered a few minutes ago, he knocked. “Doing okay in there?”

“Is anyone looking?” she asked from behind the closed door.

He turned his head to the checkout counter. A saleswoman that looked a lot like Natasha in height and stature busied herself behind the register. If he didn’t know better, the woman was purposefully giving him and Lauren their space to shop. Maybe these
town residents had a frisky side underneath all their Christmas cheer.

“Coast is clear. Show me what you’ve got, Miss Kincaid.” His heart pounded because after nine years together, he knew he wasn’t going to be disappointed.

Opening the door, he gulped at the sight of his nearly naked ex, the corset hugging her curves. Without giving it one thought, he grabbed her wrists and pulled her back into the
empty dressing room, shutting the door behind them.

“Mr. Cannon.” She smirked and lowered her lashes. “Is there something I can do for you in here?”

“Yeah,” he whispered, locking eyes with hers. “Remind me.”
With both hands, she removed the red satin robe slowly off her shoulders, letting it fall to the floor.

Heat rushed to his lower region as he gazed at Lauren’s breasts in the tight corset, his heartbeat accelerating from zero to sixty.

“I think you should remind me.” She moved in and ran her hands up and down his sides, before looping her fingers in his jeans belt straps and pulling him even closer.

That he was more than ready to do. Bringing his lips down hard on hers, the memory of how good she tasted rushed through him. His hands explored what little fabric she had on while her own found their way underneath his shirt. “Let’s get out of here,” he
whispered into her hair and then kissed her neck.

“And go back to the cabin?”

“Yes. I’ll build that fire I promised.”

“Sounds hot.” She ran her hands up and down his chest, resting at the start of his jeans.

If he didn’t stop this now, they were going to have sex for the first time in over a year and this was not where he wanted that to happen. He reluctantly stepped back, bent down,
and picked up the satin robe. “We’re definitely buying this.”

He couldn’t resist running his hands along the sides of the corset one last time, causing her to moan. “And let’s get this, too.” He leaned in, sliding a finger across its top. “Because when we get back to the cabin I’m going to peel this off of you in front of that
roaring fire.”

She reached behind her and ripped out the price tag, indicating the corset wouldn’t be coming off until he removed it. With one final soft kiss, he left the stall and rushed toward the register.

This was really happening. He and Lauren belonged together and tonight he was going to show her just how much he’d missed, wanted, and loved her.


I’m always looking for new authors to read. Who would you recommend? Leave a comment to win an electronic copy of Holiday Wedding.

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Emerald Springs Legacy Box Set!

Posted at Feb 1, 2015 11:16 am

I am so excited to share that the Emerald Springs Legacy continuity is on sale as a complete box set for a song! You can pick it up at all e-retailers for as little as $0.99! (On Amazon, it’s even lower!)

This is a sexy, small-town romance collection written by five established Crimson Romance authors including me! I had a blast writing the fifth book in the series (Ashley’s Allegiance) and playing in the world of Emerald Springs that the four other talented authors created. 


9781440589324 (1)Life in the small town of Emerald Springs, Washington, is anything but slow and peaceful. An old feud between former business partners Whitman and Sanders keeps competition on a high burner, fueling resentment and renewing rivalries . . . and love. Now someone is trying to bring down Emerald Tea Farm, and it’s up to both families to protect their future while still wrangling over the past. Meet the unforgettable men and women of Emerald Springs in this digital romance collection.

  • Adam’s Ambition by Monica Tillery:
    Adam Whitman left Emerald Springs long ago and has forged a career for himself out of the family’s shadow. But when his father calls him home, he gets a second chance at romance with Zoe Miller, the love he left behind and couldn’t forget.
  • Colleen’s Choice by Holley Trent:
    Colleen Sanders watched her father, Joe, fritter away the family business, but now that she’s in charge, she has a plan to turn the outfit around . . . even if she has to marry the farm’s handsome handyman, Alan Provost, to do it.
  • Chad’s Chance by Elley Arden:
    Chad Whitman’s been successfully running the family diner, but now he wants to convert it into a microbrewery. When he hires Jen Chavez as a consultant, his whole world is turned upside down.
  • Daniel’s Decision by Nicole Flockton:
    Daniel Whitman has big plans to upgrade the family’s farm, but then he meets Rochelle Harris on a research trip in Australia. Can he convince this careerwoman to take a chance on love halfway around the world?
  • Ashley’s Allegiance by Robyn Neeley:
    Ashley Whitman’s ready to step up and contribute to the family tea legacy just like her successful cousins. But as the conspiracy surrounding the farm deepens, so does her relationship with Sheriff Jacob Sanders. Their families have been rivals for years . . . can a union between them finally bring peace to Emerald Springs?

Purchase here! Jacob thanks you in advance!


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Feeling Beachie Giveaway!

Posted at Jan 19, 2015 1:10 pm

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Chic lit author, Hilary Grossman, is partying it up with a fun giveaway of over 40 books including Batter Up by me! Check out all of the awesome books up for grabs. 

At the end of this post, enter to win the books you’d like to read. 

A special thank you to Hilary for hosting this giveaway.


And here are the books! DANGLED CARAT by Hilary Grossman Dangled-Carat-Hilary-Grossman FINAL For every girl who wondered if she should love him or dump him….. For every girl who listened to her heart instead of her friends advice…. For every girl who l wondered if she was wasting her time dating that guy…. meet Hilary…. She had gotten used to dating the commitment-phobic Marc, thirteen years her senior. They had a great relationship–why rush into things? She saw no need to pressure him for marriage, believing that when the time was right, he would propose. But after they had been together for four years, their friends decided to take matters into their own hands, pushing Marc to propose and making Hilary realize how much she really did want to marry the man that she loved. Unfortunately, Marc still wasn’t ready–and their friends’ meddling in the form of a faux engagement party led to a disastrous New Year’s Eve that brought their relationship to an inevitable turning point. “Dangled Carat sparkles with humor and shines with wisdom. It is a gem of a book.” – Christina Baker Kline – New York Times & USA Today Best Selling Author of Orphan Train. Available: AMAZON Print $11.53 eBook $2.99 Barnes & Noble

OUT TO LUNCH by Stacey Ballis Out_to_LunchA touching and hilarious novel from the fabulous Stacey Ballis about best friends, true love, and the joy of food—for fans of Jen Lancaster, Jennifer Weiner, and Emily Giffin… Jenna has lost her best friend. With Aimee gone so tragically young, Jenna barely knows where to turn. Aimee was the one who always knew what to do—not to mention what to wear. The two built a catering company together and had so much in common—well, except their taste in men. Jenna never understood what the successful, sophisticated Aimee saw in Wayne, with his Star Wars obsession and harebrained business schemes. And gained her best friend’s husband… But Aimee has left a shocking last request: Jenna now has financial custody of the not-so-merry widower. True, Wayne needs someone sensible around to keep him under control, but what was her dear departed friend thinking? The thing is, as she gets to know Wayne better, his latest moneymaking idea actually starts to intrigue her. Her attractive new lawyer boyfriend doesn’t approve of it—but then, Wayne doesn’t approve of her attractive new lawyer boyfriend. Now Jenna has to figure out what direction her life is going to take next. And she can’t help asking herself: What would Aimee do? Available: Amazon, Barnes & Noble Print $9.70, eBook $9.22

MY BIG DELICIOUS LIFE by Stacey Ballis Big_Delicious_Life150 simple and scrumptious recipes from Stacy Ballis’s hit novels Out to Lunch, Off the Menu, Good Enough to Eat, and Recipe for Disaster, as well as 40 new, never-before-seen recipes! Stacey Ballis is not a professional chef. She is, however, a foodie novelist, meal innovator, family cook, memory maker, and Brussels sprout advocate who believes that delicious meals can be simple, fun, and creative. Her love of all things culinary has made her “foodie fiction” irresistible. Now, all of the best recipes featured in her novels are available in one mouthwatering cookbook, including 40 “lost” recipes that were not included in the original printings. With dishes for every occasion, designed to appeal to both experienced cooks and kitchen newbies, this easily-transportable digital collection will make every meal a happy moment and a special memory. Includes a preview of Stacey’s delectable novel, Recipe for Disaster   “Deeply satisfying.”—Jen Lancaster, New York Times bestselling author of The Tao of Martha Available: Amazon eBook $3.79

BLOGGER GIRL – by Meredith Schorr blogger girlWhat happens when your high school nemesis becomes the shining star in a universe you pretty much saved? Book blogger Kimberly Long is about to find out. A chick lit enthusiast since the first time she read “Bridget Jones’s Diary,” Kim, with her blog, “Pastel is the New Black,” has worked tirelessly by night to keep the genre alive, and help squash the claim that “chick lit is dead” once and for all. Not bad for a woman who by day ekes out a meager living as a pretty, and pretty-much-nameless, legal secretary in a Manhattan law firm. While Kim’s day job holds no passion for her, the handsome (and shaving challenged) associate down the hall is another story. Yet another story is that Hannah Marshak, one of her most hated high school classmates, has now popped onto the chick lit scene with a hot new book that’s turning heads—and pages—across the land. It’s also popped into Kim’s inbox—for review. With their ten-year high school reunion drawing near, Kim’s coming close to combustion over the hype about Hannah’s book. And as everyone around her seems to be moving on and up, she begins to question whether being a “blogger girl” makes the grade in her off-line life. Available Amazon eBook $1.99

HOW DO YOU KNOW – by Meredith Schorr how do you knowWhat if you were approaching the end of your thirties and all of the life milestones you took for granted in your youth suddenly seemed out of reach? On the eve of her thirty-ninth birthday, Maggie Piper doesn’t look, act, or feel much different than she did at twenty-nine, but with her fortieth birthday speeding toward her like a freight train, she wonders if she should. The fear of a slowing metabolism, wrinkling of her skin, and the ticking of her biological clock leaves Maggie torn between a desire to settle down like most of her similarly aged peers and concern that all is not perfect in her existing relationship. When a spontaneous request for a temporary “break” from her live-in boyfriend results in a “break-up,” Maggie finds herself single once again and only twelve months from the big 4.0. In the profound yet bumpy year that follows, Maggie will learn, sometimes painfully, that life doesn’t always happen on a schedule, there are no deadlines in love, and age really is just a number. Available Amazon, Barnes & Noble eBook $3.99, print $14.64  

BROKEN PIECES – by Rachel Thompson Broken-Pieces-paperback     Not easy subjects — love, loss, sexual abuse, date rape, grief — but real ones, told in pieces (thus the title). Broken Pieces is a work of non-fiction. Poetry, prose, and essays to let you into one woman’s life — a searingly raw examination of topics most people avoid. Already a #1 best seller on Amazon (eBooks) on Women’s Poetry and Abuse, this book is recommended for mature audiences only. Available Amazon $0.99 eBook, $7.10 print    


BROKEN PLACES – by Rachel Thompson broken places       Award-winning author Rachel Thompson courageously confronts the topics of sexual abuse and suicide, love and healing, in her second nonfiction book of prose: Broken Places. The sequel to Rachel’s first nonfiction book, Broken Pieces, Rachel bares her soul in essays, poems and prose, addressing life’s most difficult topics with honesty. As you follow one woman’s journey through the dark and into the light, you will find yourself forever changed. Rachel’s first book in this series, Broken Pieces, has been a #1 best seller on Amazon (eBooks) on Women’s Poetry and Abuse. Please note: this book discusses serious topics, and is intended for mature audiences only. Available Amazon

LIVING BY EAR – by Mary Rowen living by earWhat happens when the world you love doesn’t press pause when you do? Singer-songwriter Christine Daley hit the streets of Boston and became a minor celebrity—with a local radio hit—in the 90s, but a “short” career break to marry and have kids changed everything. Now, sixteen years later, she’s a frustrated suburban housewife, struggling to find her place in life. After filing for divorce, she learns that her attempts to reestablish her own rhythms—both in music and in love—are more complicated than she’d anticipated. Her two teenagers are desperate for their mom, and her soon-to-be-ex-husband is throwing every obstacle he can in her way. Adding to the stress is the progress in technology, which has not only changed the music industry, but also the dating world. Is there room in the mix for Chris? Available Amazon eBook $3.99, print $13.59    

LEAVING THE BEACH – by Mary Rowen leaving the beach   Erin Reardon gets her first kiss from Jim Morrison. She loses her virginity to David Bowie. When she flunks out of college, Bruce Springsteen is there to comfort her, and Elvis Costello breaks her heart in Europe. So what happens when she actually meets a rock star? Leaving the Beach is a gritty story about illusion, reality, and the odd ways that music can blur the lines between the two. Written with heart and keen observation about the day-to-day struggles of a “functioning bulimic,” Leaving the Beach explores the power of fantasy, then shoves it up against harsh reality until something has to give in this women’s novel set on the sandy beaches of Winthrop, Massachusetts. Available Amazon eBook $3.99, print $13.59    

STARTING FROM LOST – by SK Wills Starting from LostHannah Rogers is lost: cynical, insecure, and withdrawn. Skeletons forged through a bad breakup that should have been a marriage proposal. Now four years later, Hannah follows her dead-end job to the big city where her only hope is to survive the next eight months as her flirtatious boss’s personal assistant. The last thing her predictable life needs is to collide with the boy responsible for breaking her heart, or the twist of fate that sends a sexy new neighbor to awaken feelings she’s long since put to bed. Alex Sorrento doesn’t have any room in his life for another pet project. He’s already put aside his career and his personal dreams to follow his half-sister Mackenzie to the big city. Lost in the guilt over the events that nearly took her life, he feels he owes her that much. When Mackenzie befriends the new girl on the third floor, Alex finds himself defenseless against the sizzling chemistry between them and the sadness in her eyes. Can he protect Hannah from her ex without losing his heart? In this turbulent journey about self-discovery, forgiveness, and love, some second chances aren’t worth taking, but others have their own rewards. Available Amazon eBook $3.99

MY FAIR LILY by Meara Platt My Fair Lily CoverEwan Cameron, estranged grandson of the Duke of Lotheil, is in London because of a deathbed promise made to his father and has no intention of staying beyond his three month obligation. Nothing can tempt him to remain, not even Lily, the beautiful bluestocking determined not only to restore relations between him and his grandfather, but to turn Ewan into a proper gentleman. Ewan, proud of his Scottish heritage, refuses to admit that Lily, a blue-eyed, English girl, has claimed his heart. It doesn’t matter that his big lump of a sheepdog is madly in love with her. Nor is it significant that Ewan can always tell Lily apart from her identical twin sister. Always. Lily Farthingale, the scholarly twin, dreams of becoming the first female member of the Royal Society. She grabs at the chance when the elderly Duke of Lotheil approaches her with a proposition – he’ll admit her into the Royal Society, if she helps him to establish a relation with his estranged grandson, Ewan Cameron, a very rough-around-the-edges Scotsman who hates everything English. Between shootings, explosions, and Lily’s abduction, Ewan ends up falling in love with Lily in this Pygmalion-inspired story. Available Amazon, Barnes & Noble eBook $3.99

A SHIFT IN THE WATER – by Patricia D. Eddy shift_fullCade Bowman leads a small werewolf pack in Bellingham, Washington. Or he did, before a fire elemental intent on revenge traps him as his wolf. His pack gone, held prisoner by the elemental’s charms, he knows death is coming for him. Mara Taylor is dying. A mysterious blood disorder is taking her life and her doctors can’t seem to stop it. Only her daily swims offer her any relief. Resigned to her fate, she heads to Orcas Island for one last swim. When Cade’s wolf finds Mara, he knows instinctively that she’s the key to freeing him from the fire elemental’s charm. She’s more than that. She’s his. Can Mara free Cade his wolf and save her own life in the process? And if she does, can they survive when they learn the identity of the fire elemental hunting them both? Available Amazon eBook $3.99  

32 GOING ON SPINSTER SET – by Becky Monson Spinster Cover - Amazon   Julia Dorning is a spinster, or at least on the road to becoming one. She has no social life, hates her career, and lives in her parent’s basement with her cat, Charlie. With the arrival of Jared Moody, the new hire at work, Julia’s mundane life is suddenly turned upside down. Her instant (and totally ridiculous) crush on the new guy causes Julia to finally make some long-overdue changes, in hopes to find a life that includes more than baking and hanging out with Charlie. But when the biggest and most unexpected change comes, will the new and improved Julia be able to overcome it? Or will she go back to her spinster ways?      

33 GOING ON GIRLFRIEND Girlfriend Cover - AmazonJulia Dorning thought she would die a lonely spinster. That was until nine months ago, when her world was turned upside down. Now she’s got a dream career as a bakery owner, and a relationship with handsome Jared Moody—a life she never thought possible. Just as she’s starting to feel comfortable in her new life, Julia is invited to battle it out on national television making cupcakes. An amazing opportunity, if she can muster up the confidence to do it, that is. Then, out of the blue, Jared goes and throws a rather large wrench in their relationship causing Julia to have to make some big decisions. With her two trusted confidants off in wedding la la land, Julia is on her own to figure everything out. Left to her own devices, will Julia be able to work things out for herself? Or will she make a disaster of it all? Available Amazon, Barnes & Noble $0.99 Spinster $2.99 Girlfriend  

WHISKEY AND GUMDROPS – by Jean Oram Book TWO in the Blueberry Springs series — All STANDALONE novels from New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Jean Oram! Whiskey303KOne woman. One case of self-denial. One hunky best friend who wants a lot more. Mandy Mattson has always believed that what you want isn’t what you need. But never in her life has she been more wrong. As a small town waitress, Mandy has never felt as though she deserves the love of her best friend Frankie. But when she sees an ex-lover marry her rival she realizes her life is adding up to a big fat nothing and she needs to make a change. With every path in her new life leading back to Frankie, will she finally be able to reconcile that the one thing she’s always wanted is the very thing she needs? This best friend romance is a companion novel to Champagne and Lemon Drops: A Blueberry Springs Chick lit Contemporary Romance and can be read as a standalone–does contain spoilers for Champagne and Lemon Drops (free ebook). Available Amazon Barnes & Noble Print $10.99 eBook $2.99

THERE ARE NO MEN – by Carol Maloney Scott ThereAreNoMen-ebook coverDivorced thirty-something Claire doesn’t know who’s in her dating pool—but she’s doing her best to avoid shark infested waters. Leaving her clueless and insensitive husband behind was a smart move after losing her fertility, but now she’s riding the wave of flying toupees and strange men in leather thongs. After a long drought, men are flooding her shores and she’s drowning in choices. There’s the 25-year-old IT boy-genius with the GQ looks, the charming but mysterious doctor, and her hot new neighbor with the hard rock night gig. To further rock her boat, Claire’s ‘stable’ career in publishing has been tossed about by her floundering company’s launch of a new line of trendy, salacious books. Cookbooks aren’t selling these days, but erotica is flying off the shelves—and challenging Claire’s attitude about sex, work…and her new, tempestuous life. Available Amazon ebook $2.99

CHARLOTTE’S RESTRAINED, THE ACCIDENTAL STALKER – by Celia Kennedy 2 Charlotte's Restrained E-Book Cover   What could go wrong celebrating New Years in the swanky, celebrity-packed, French Alps? The answer is nothing, unless your name happens to be Charlotte Young. Her four closest friends conspire to help Charlotte meet long-time celeb crush, Des Bannerman, a.k.a. King of Romantic Comedies. While she may not be able to dislodge his world-famous girlfriend, the evening is a dream come true. That is, until an innocent night of champagne, gambling and lighthearted banter turns into tabloid fodder and a restraining order. An entertaining series of events allow Charlotte to hunt Des down, helping her restore her reputation and uncover a misunderstanding. Fifteen minutes of fame just isn’t all it’s cracked up to be! Available Amazon eBook $2.99

VENUS RISING – by Celia Kennedy Venus Rising E-Book Cover   Akshaya Bertrand, is a Professor of Art History at an Ivy League college in New England. Young and incomparably beautiful, she hides her traumatic childhood in India behind vibrant veils of secrecy. Jared Harrison, a war correspondent in the Middle East accepts a position as guest lecturer. Upon meeting, the two find themselves drawn to one another, sensing the others deep wounds. Thrown together on a voyage of discovery, the two travel through exotic India. Amongst beauty and poverty, sorrow and friendship, they both will finally face the past that has shaped them and the present that defines them. Will the answers they find close the gap between them or push them further apart? Available Amazon $2.99 eBook

I’M STILL HERE – by Kathryn Biel Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000038_00070]It started out as an ordinary day for Esther Comely-Cox, if you consider simultaneously totaling your car, smashing a Ho Ho in your face and meeting a handsome doctor ordinary. Estranged from her family over her sister’s mental illness and death, Esther can’t help but feel alone. And when Esther hears the voice of her twin sister who committed suicide seven years ago, she begins to question her own sanity, leading her to wonder if anything is what it seems. Searching for answers, Esther must confront her past while looking towards a new future—one in which she is finally accepted. Through humor and heartbreak, Esther learns that blood does not mean family, that absence does not make the heart grow fonder and that silence can speak volumes. Available Amazon Barnes & Noble eBook $3.99  

CONFESSIONS FROM A COFFEE SHOP – by TB Markinson Confessions CoverCori Tisdale was on top of the world. A basketball star at Harvard and a promising author with a lucrative book deal. A few years later, Cori’s life is falling apart. Her beautiful girlfriend, Kat Finn, has a shopping addiction. To make ends meet, Cori takes a part-time job at a coffee shop. Just when Cori thinks her life can’t get any worse, an old crush appears out of the blue. Cori’s friendship with Samantha Clarke pushes Cori further into a dangerous abyss when Sam reveals two secrets to Cori and asks her not to tell a soul, including Kat. Will this be the end of Cori’s and Kat’s relationship? Available Amazon eBook $2.99    

FRENCH TWIST – by Glynis Astie french twistSydney Bennett had spent her life in pursuit of perfection. She planned, weighed her options and made careful choices based on calculated outcomes. Through all of her efforts, she had come pretty close to perfection, if she didn’t say so herself. She had fled the cold winters in New York for sunny California, found a job that she loved and lived in the same town as her sister, and best friend, Kate. The one area of perfection that had always eluded her was her love life. No matter how hard she tried, she always ended up with a broken heart. After a particularly traumatic breakup, Sydney vowed that she was done with love. Just as Sydney threw herself into her new plan to forget about men, a handsome Frenchman tossed all of her intentions out the window as he swept her off of her feet. Louis Durand had lived a life filled with excitement and adventure. He was impetuous, intelligent and incredibly charming. So naturally, he scared Sydney half to death. From the moment they met, Louis and Sydney’s romance progressed at warp speed. Sydney did her best not to run, but her deep rooted relationship anxiety threatened to provide an easy exit. When Louis mentioned marriage before Sydney even knew his favorite color, she was more than tempted to reach for her running shoes. Will she be able to put her fears aside to follow her heart? The one thing that Sydney will learn is that sometimes perfection comes with a twist… Available Amazon eBook $0.99

FRENCH TOAST – by Glynis Astie FRENCH TOAST!Sydney Bennett is back! And her pursuit of perfection is alive and well. Naïve to the core, Sydney believed that when she finally married the man of her dreams, the hard part was over. Following a civil ceremony as a means to keep Louis from being deported, Sydney continues to plan the fairytale wedding that she had dreamed of since the age of five. Much to her chagrin, she discovers that her mother-in-law is planning what seems to be a rival wedding in France that SHE has been dreaming about for her only child since before he was born. How will poor Sydney be able to ensure two perfect weddings in the midst of Louis’ fruitless job search? Especially when her mother-in-law’s idea of perfection appears to be having Sydney embarrass herself in front of hundreds of French people that she has never met? As if she didn’t have enough on her mind already, Sydney finds herself faced with the trials and tribulations of being a wife. Sydney had always heard that marriage was hard, but she thought that this was just a ruse that married couples portrayed in a bid to make single girls feel less desperate. But as the bills pile up and emotions run high, she realizes that there may just be some truth to this statement. And as she watches Louis’ perfection fade away before her very eyes, she begins to wonder if she made a rash decision in marrying a man that she had known for a mere six months. With all of the obstacles that Sydney and Louis will encounter, will they be raising their glasses in celebration or watching their impulsive marriage crash and burn? One thing is for certain, Sydney and Louis Durand are headed for one hell of a toast… Available Amazon eBook $2.99 HOME – By Rachel Smith homeAfter twelve years on top of the charts, country music superstar Lily Rae has decided to hang up the microphone and move home. Becoming Lillian Raftzen again is harder than she anticipated and soon, it seems running home is not enough to escape from her manipulative ex-agent, who not only threatens to end her happiness, but her life. When the girl of his dreams walks back into his life twelve years later, Justin DeLuca realizes as much as he loves her, she is no longer the girl he remembers. With everything they must overcome, can the two of them make their dreams come true? Lily’s dream to sing and Justin’s dream for a family are so very far from the same path. But by veering off course they find a new dream on a new path ending up right where it all began…..home. Available Amazon, Barnes & Noble eBook $2.99

FIVE MINUTES LATE – by Rich Amooi Five minutes late ebook coverCan an always-tardy garlic mogul and a punctual Silicon Valley librarian fall in love? The world needs garlic and somebody’s got to sell that garlic. Cedric Johnson is that man. But even though he’s got just about everything he can wish for, Cedric is still missing one thing in his life: someone special. Fate may be on his side, but he encounters a few distractions along the way—like almost being killed by a UPS truck. Oh, and a little case of blackmail. Ellie Fontaine is a walking Wikipedia with clear professional goals, but when it comes to landing Mr. Right, she doesn’t know jack squat. She even gives online dating a shot and ends up with an unappetizing buffet of unibrows and losers. What’s a girl to do? After Ellie saves Cedric’s life, serendipity takes over as they continue to run into each other. Their connection grows stronger with each meeting, even though he embodies her number one pet peeve: he’s always late. But even if they can get past their issues and misunderstandings, Ellie’s ex-boyfriend, an unscrupulous cop, will do anything to keep them apart. Five Minutes Late is a hilarious fast-paced romantic comedy, full of snappy dialogue and fun, quirky characters, guaranteed to warm your heart. Available AmazoneBook $4.99 Print $12.99 Paperback

PLOTTING MR. PERFECT – by S.E. Babin Plotting mr perfectThe closest Katie has come to romance lately is arguing with her lawn-care-obsessed, handsome neighbor, Will. After a drunken girls’ night out with her best friends involving a visualization exercise for the perfect man and an instance of breaking and entering, Katie wakes up thankfully in her own bed with a massive hangover and her neighbor standing on her porch with a peace offering. But soon after, she gets another surprise in the form of a naked man in her driveway who proclaims he’s been created just for her. As antics and romantic gestures commence, Katie will begin to question herself about love and loyalty. How do you know when the perfect man is not really perfect? And when does Mr. Wrong begin to look like Mr. Right? Available Amazon eBook $3.82    

BATTER UP – by Robyn Neeley BatterUp_FinalShe mixes more than flour and sugar into her cake batter, and he’s about to find out if a little bit of magic is to his taste… Bakeshop owner Emma Stevens has a secret — a delicious, slightly unorthodox secret. Each Monday, she mixes up a premonition to share with the bachelors of Buttermilk Falls, and sets one lucky man on the path to true love. When reporter Jason Levine finds himself mixed up in a Las Vegas bachelorette party, he hears the strangest rumor: the marriage is happening thanks to magic cake batter. Seriously skeptical, and sick of frauds, Jason journeys to the backwater town of Buttermilk Falls to expose the baker and release the townspeople from her evil clutches. But when Jason meets Emma, tempers flare and sparks fly. Will Jason cling to his logic at the expense of a future, or will he let himself fall under Emma’s spell? Available Amazon eBook $3.53

THEIF FOR HIRE – by Jillianne Hamilton Theif for hireProfessional, experienced contract burglar. It’s not exactly something you can put on a business card. Molly Miranda has made a successful living from “acquiring” valuables and delivering them to clients who pay buckets of cash for her unique services. So what if she has to lie about her lavish lifestyle in Manhattan and her frequent trips out of the country? Molly has everything under control. Things go astray when she knocks boots with her charming roommate right before taking off to Scotland with an untrustworthy wildcard on a job assignment that doesn’t go quite as planned. It doesn’t help that this new partner-in-crime is super annoying. And attractive… Join Molly on her hilarious adventures as she dodges bullets, trespasses, wears disguises, and steals her way into trouble. Available Amazon eBook $2.99

SHE SINS AT MIDNIGHT – by Whitney Dineenshesincover-copy Lila Montgomery, thirty-two-year-old Hollywood assistant extraordinaire, has a secret. On the outside, she’s a hard-working dedicated employee, a good friend, and a loving daughter. But above all else, she’s been raised to be a lady, which of course is why she’s determined to conceal her secret life. If her straight-laced friends and family back home ever discover that she is really the smashing new author of a steamy romance novel, their disapproval would shame her forever! That’s why Lila has chosen to publish her sexy narrative under the nom de plume, Jasmine Sheath. With her fifteenth high school class reunion on the horizon, Lila finds herself at a crossroads. More than anything she wants to go home and see her childhood friends but is embarrassed that she hasn’t accomplished the things she feels she should have by this time in her life; mainly marriage and children. After another brutal run-in with Melinda Forrester, Oscar nominated actress and client of her boss, Josh Furber, Lila decides that fleeing Hollywood for a month is the best thing for her. Lila packs her bags for her childhood home of Bentley Hills, sure that her friends and family will be the touchstone of normalcy that she so desperately needs. What she doesn’t expect is that Melinda will follow her and a tabloid media circus will ensue! Not only does Lila discover that her home is nothing like she remembers, but she meets and falls in love with the very man that inspired the hero in her novel. She Sins at Midnight is full of laugh out loud hi-jinks that will make you never look at Hollywood the same way again! Available Amazon eBook $2.99

SET ME FREE – by Jennifer Collin Set me free coverDisastrous love life aside, Charlotte Evans is rather content with her life. Her quaint little art gallery is plodding along nicely, and her sister Emily’s artistic career is about to take off, thanks to her tireless promotion. She even gets to see her best friend every day and drink his delicious coffee in the café next door. But when dastardly property developer Craig Carmichael comes along, threatening to demolish her gallery and take everything away, Charlotte has an unexpected fight on her hands. Not only is she battling to stop Craig’s development, she’s also struggling against the mysterious magnetic pull that has her on a collision course with Craig himself. Craig Carmichael is fighting the Battle for Boundary Street on more than one front. The tenants of the building he wants to knock down are mounting a strong case against him and in a hot-headed moment he put his career on the line for a project that is threatening to fail. If the project doesn’t succeed he will lose everything, but for some reason he’s having trouble maintaining his focus. As their worlds begin to unravel around them, anyone could win. It’s what they might lose that has Charlotte and Craig wondering what it is they really want. Available Amazon eBook $0.99

 Maggie La Page the trouble with dyingWhen Faith Carson wakes up on a hospital ceiling looking down on her body in a coma, it’s a bad start to the week. A very bad start. She has no idea who she is or how she got there or why, and the biggest mystery of all is why she married the schmuck who wants her ventilator switched off. As if that’s not enough Faith has a dead gran haunting her, a young daughter missing her, and one devilishly delicious man making her wish she could have a second chance at life. And maybe she can, if she finds a way back into her body and wakes up by Friday. But if she doesn’t, this will be her last bad week–ever. Nate Sutherland decided long ago he’d settle for friendship if he couldn’t have Faith’s heart. But now, as she nears death, he’s going to have to listen to his feelings in a whole new way–and act. Because if he doesn’t, this week will be the worst damn week of his life. He’ll lose everything he’s ever loved. Available Amazon eBook $2.99  

MISS ADVENTURE – by Geralyn Corcillo Miss Adventure Cover   Day-dreaming city girl Lisa Flyte decides to face her fears and get a backbone by going on daring outdoor adventures with the cynical adrenaline junkie Jack Hawkins. She survives all the treks, dives, and jumps (barely!), but can she use her new found moxie to become the alpha hero of her everyday life? Will she find the grit to go after a career she really wants or the nerve to stand up to her bulling family? And will she get gutsy enough to go after Jack? He’s a man who’s not afraid of anything…except falling for Lisa. Available Amazon eBook $2.99      

CHEATING TO SURVIVE – by Christina Ardigo Cheating_To_Survive_E-Book_CoverEdge-of-your-seat Drama, Steamy Romance & Hilarious Humor! So many Women are trapped in Marriages & feel they have no options. Is Cheating the Answer? Heather traveled down a forbidden Road. TWICE. And she was Married. Can Cheating on Your Husband Bring Unimaginable Pleasure or Completely Destroy Your World? To her three daughters, Heather is a fun-loving, silly mom. Her co-workers at Norlyn Plains Hospital think she has it all, including a handsome lawyer husband. But when a flirtatious new doctor chooses Heather to spend his down time with, he reminds her of the man she regrettably gave up so many years before. Each interaction breathes new life into her and she gives in to the doctor’s seductions, threatening her fifteen year marriage. Her co-workers Victoria and Catherine, are stunned by her actions, but when they see the positive transformation in Heather, and question their own crumbling marriages, they wonder if she has the right idea. Can cheating on their husbands bring the three of them happiness? Or will they be destroyed by the consequences? Available Amazon $3.99 eBook $11.99 print

BLACKMAIL BRIDE – by Storm Chase Small Blackmail Bride by Storm Chase   No swirling highlanders here! This is a modern Scottish novel (But the hero is a hunk and the heroine has brains!) Stalked by her abusive ex-husband, Lucy Grant is desperate for a protector. Lucy aims for the one man who is tough enough for the job, ex-convict Jack Welsh. Found guilty of a crime he didn’t commit, Jack Welsh is convinced Lucy’s ex set him up. Jack will do anything to clear his name – even if it means marrying Lucy. A story of love and redemption with fully depicted love scenes. Available Amazon, Barnes & Noble $1.49 eBook      

THE DEGAS GIRL – by AJ Adams small The Degas Girl“He wore jeans and a turquoise T-shirt. The colour made his eyes look blue instead of green. I wasn’t fooled by his looks and his gentle ways. This man had a will of iron, and by the way he looked at me, I could see he was just as determined to control me as Angelo. He just used his tongue instead of his fists. I’d go along with it, because anything that kept me out of the hole meant I had a chance to escape. I’d pretend to be docile, and as soon as he fell asleep or took his eye off me, I’d make a run for it. He looked me over, frowning slightly. Suddenly I wondered if he was changing his mind. Maybe he wasn’t going to let me eat. Maybe it was a game. Maybe he’d show me the food, and then tie me up and leave me to starve while he stuffed his face. I was trembling at the thought. “ ### Serenity Bishop is a work of art. Her skin a canvas, decorated with the scars of her evil captor’s twisted abuse. But her tormentor, Angelo, is about to lose control. Zachary Schiavelli is an art thief and forger. His handsome face is merely the mask that hides a cold, calculating man whose own childhood of abuse has honed him into a remorseless killing machine. Zachary is about to take an intense disliking to Angelo. Sometimes you need to fight fire with fire. In a violent tale of mob rule where violence begets violence, an unlikely alliance between two forces of nature is about to change the face of organized crime. When Serenity and Zachary collide, it’s an unstoppable force meeting an immovable object, and everyone around them is about to get caught in the crossfire. A complete novel with no cliff-hangers. A violent tale of mob rule and dark romance. Warning contains explicit scenes of dubious consent, graphic violence and sex. Adults only Available Amazon, Barnes & Noble $3.99 eBook

A FAIR EXCHANE – by Monique McDonell A_Fair_Exchange (2)Who hasn’t wondered about their first love? What happened? What went wrong? Where are they now? What if you got a second chance? Amelia Armstrong is about to find out. What a shame her long-lost love, Matt, has returned (looking way too good and acting way too sweet) when her life is a shambles and she has finally decided once and for all to put herself and not whichever man is currently in her life, first. How do you balance that desire to recapture that loving feeling with the need to finally be the best version of yourself? What if this really is the one, how do you choose when to stand your ground and when to cut your losses? Amelia takes a journey from Sydney to New York and back again trying to find the answers while negotiating with pop-divas, ex-lovers, crazy teenagers, a well-meaning cousin and the tabloids. A Fair Exchange is a story about being a grown up when, maybe, you’d much rather be sixteen again. Available Amazon $2.99 eBook

THE DIVORCED NOT DEAD WORKSHOP – by CeCe Osgood Divorced Not Dead Workshop. Final.contrast ebookcover (2)Divorced five years ago and recently dumped by Theo, her Brit boyfriend, Dorsey brainstorms about a dating workshop for divorced men. Too bad she’s an idea person with zero follow-through. That all changes when her feisty best friend opts to set up the workshop on a cruise ship. But do things ever really work out as planned. No. No, they don’t. A startling mishap, rebellious workshop attendees and the arrival of handsome but wily Finn Woodall soon send things topsy-turvy for Dorsey. More trouble arises with the unexpected re-appearance of Theo. Will Dorsey and Theo rekindle their relationship? Or is she smitten with Finn who could possibly be a back-stabbing weasel? And has the workshop made a difference in what she desires in life … and love? Available Amazon $2.99    

THE UNICORN’S DAUGHTER – by Norma Beishir unicornJaime Lynde would stop at nothing to find the truth…. As a child, she was told her father was dead, but one by one, the lies began to unravel. James Lynde was an operative for the OSS during World War II, and later for the CIA. In 1986, he was still alive and working undercover in Libya. As Jaime followed his trail, a traitor followed hers…and the US prepared to take military action…. “Beishir pens a winner with this gripping thriller…she confidently builds to a revelatory and spellbinding finale.” — Publishers Weekly Available Amazon, Barnes & Noble $2.99 eBook

WE’VE ALWAYS GOT NEW YORK – by Jill Knapp Weve_always_got_new_york high resThe second book in Jill Knapp’s fabulous series about dating in New York picks up after Amalia Hastings returns to Manhattan from her trip to Brazil – and finds that life has indeed gone on without her. Fresh off the plane, Amalia’s feeling anxious and unresolved; left alone to pick up the pieces and deal with the repercussions of choosing her own path over Michael. Without an apartment, without a job, and starting to wonder if she’s even without a best friend, she finds herself holding on tightly to the one thing she is familiar with, New York City. Sometimes you have to let go of who you were to become who you will be… Available Amazon $4.74    

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