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Hello! My Name is … Blog Hop

Posted at Jan 7, 2016 11:52 am

my name is--500final

Happy 2016! 

Hello my name is … Robyn, and I love this hop! I’ll be giving away two electronic copies from my back list so be sure to comment.

In my latest release, Kiss and Make Up, my heroine is known for a blue clutch she’s carried around throughout the series.

I think what’s inside a purse can  tell a lot about a person. Here are five things in mine!


  1. My Kindle with a hot pink case. I take it everywhere I go. I have a three hour round-trip commute for work and would never survive without it!
  2. Peppermint chapstick. Something else I’d never survive without and absolutely love. I love this product so much that I also keep one in my car and one in my coat pocket.
  3. Clinique CC Cream. A total splurge last weekend and  I love it.
  4. My Coach glasses. A new for me in 2015. It was finally time to get glasses – and well, I went kicking and screaming, but now I LOVE them. 
  5. Nine West wristlet. I keep it in my purse to hold my phone and keys so I’m not constantly having to dig around for them. Plus, if I’m running out during the day for lunch or coffee, I can just take the wristlet and not my whole purse. 

Share 3 things in your purse right now for a chance to win from my back list!

Thanks for stopping by and hop to the next!


It’s Release Day for Kiss & Make Up!

Posted at Jan 3, 2016 9:39 pm

KissMakeUp_CVR_LRGHappy 2016! I can’t think of a better way for a writer to start of the New Year than a release. Kiss and Make Up is Book 3 of my Bachelors of Buttermilk Falls series. It’s a super cute small town romance with just a touch of magic.

One of my favorite scenes to write is the first scene between my hero and heroine. In Kiss and Make Up, Josh and Caitlin have history, and thanks to a one night stand they now have a present and future that neither expected. When Josh comes home to Buttermilk Falls to face his new reality, he catches Caitlin in the arms of his best friend, Adam, at the Buttermilk Tavern and all hell breaks loose.


Enjoy an excerpt!

It only took Josh three seconds to make his way to the bar and pull Caitlin off Adam. “What the hell do you two think you’re doing?”

“Josh!” Caitlin’s eyes widened, and she stepped away from Adam. “What are you doing here?”

He ignored her question, glaring at his best friend. Make that ex-best friend. “When did this start up?”

Adam wiped his mouth with the back of his hand, and that move caused Josh to fist his own. A small town throwdown was about to happen.

“Buddy, it’s not what you think.”

Caitlin interjected, stepping in between them. “Unless, what you think is that I’m crazy about this guy.” She wrapped her bare arms around Adam and squeezed. “Because I totally am.”

“You are?” Josh glanced down at Caitlin, his gaze resting on her pretty blue sundress, her long brown hair swept up in a ponytail. He’d seen her in tighter outfits—hell, he’d peeled one off her last summer. This new look was different—not sexy—but pretty. She looked happy. Did Adam do that for her?

He needed to get a hold of the situation because all eyes were on him. This town was small and the people in it liked to talk. He didn’t need to be tomorrow’s gossip at the Star Lite diner or the Spring Curls beauty salon. “Well, that’s great.” He shoved his hands in his pockets. “I’m happy for you two.”

“Honey, we should really be going.” Caitlin linked arms with Adam. “My mother’s watching the kids, and she’s probably exhausted by now. Will you be stopping by to see them while you’re here, Josh?”

“Of course.” He motioned for the bartender and ordered a Corona. “Tomorrow. If that’s okay with you?”

“That would be fine.” Her hazelnut eyes locked with his.

“Good. I’ll call you in the morning,” He added under his breath as the bartender handed him his beer, “Maybe you’ll answer.”



Caitlin swung her purse over her shoulder. Josh recognized it as the same one she’d had the last time they’d left the bar together. Was his best friend really going home with her? Just how far had they progressed in their relationship? He took a long swig of his beer, contemplating that answer.

“Hey.” Adam tapped his shoulder. “We’ll see you tomorrow.”

“Yeah, have a great night, man. Make sure you use protection,” Josh muttered and drank his beer.

“What did you say?” Caitlin came up to him, arms folded, eyes blazing.

“Nothing. Just making sure my buddy protects himself.”

“Joshua Stevens.” Her voice rose just as the song ended. “You don’t get to saunter back into town in your designer suit and call me a whore.”

“I didn’t call you a wh—”

“Who I leave this bar with and what we do is none of your business. What? Did you think I was going to sit around and hope that one day you’d come knocking on my door and want to be in my life—in our children’s lives?”

Adam reached for Caitlin’s hand. “Caitlin, let’s go. You two can talk this out tomorrow.” He hesitated, adding, “In private.”

“Good idea,” Josh said flatly.

Caitlin didn’t budge from her spot. Her eye lashes lowered. “You haven’t changed one bit.”

Josh laughed sarcastically. “And neither have you. Guess my prediction in high school came true. At least you ditched the tight dresses, or are you having trouble squeezing into them these days?”

And that did it. The bitch slap she’d given him in high school didn’t even compare to the one she delivered in the bar. He closed his eyes and took a deep breath. The sting he could handle and, after his last comment, deserved.

Her scent—now swirling around him—was another matter entirely. A fragrance so powerful he’d spent countless hours in the lab trying to replicate it. He realized now that what he’d created was nowhere near as intoxicating as the real thing.

As Adam ushered an infuriated Caitlin out of the tavern, Josh turned toward the bar, ignoring the questioning stares.

Home sweet freakin’ home.

Kiss and Make Up and Tangled Up are available on Amazon. Batter Up (Book 1 in the Bachelors of Buttermilk Falls Series) is available for a limited time for $0.99 in the Hot Hometown Hunk boxset.



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Warm Up with a Holiday Fling!

Posted at Dec 29, 2015 2:28 pm

Crimson Romance is offering fabulous bundles and the Holiday Fling: 10 Vacation Romances is now available! It includes my rom com Christmas Dinner

Join us on Jan. 5, 2016!

The Holiday Fling authors are getting together for a Facebook party on January 5. Join us! There are sure to be great prizes and mischievous fun!





Barnes & Noble



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Christmas Treats Giveaway Hop!

Posted at Dec 19, 2015 12:04 pm

christmas treats button


Happy Holidays!

I absolutely love holiday themed and winter romances. I’ve written two so far, slid X-mas into my latest work that takes place in August and am about to start the Holiday Hookup, my final book in my Batter Up series.  The magic of the holidays is so fun to write, and for me, it’s X-mas all year round because I’m often finishing a holiday romance in June when it’s 80 degrees!

This year, I’ve read a number of great holiday and winter romances including these five, which I highly, highly recommend grabbing!

Holiday Hoopla, Christmas Clash and Candlelight Conspiracy by Dana Volney. You can pick up all 3 books in her Season of Love bundle out now!

Holiday Sparks by Shannon Stacey. This novella came out a few years ago and it so cute. Loved it!

Yours at Midnight by Robin Bielman. Another fun novella ringing in the New Year. 

All of these book are short and sweet novellas that I just know will make you smile as much as they did for me!

Finally, I have two holiday romances currently in $0.99 bundles. Less on Amazon!

9781440596100_3DHoliday Wedding is part of the Second Time Around collection, which is a fab bundle if you enjoy reunion-themed romances.

Christmas Dinner is part of the Holiday Fling collection, and who couldn’t use a fling with a few book boyfriends after the holidays!

Have a wonderful holiday! I hope you will take a moment to sign up for my e-newsletter (on my home page). In addition to exclusive updates, I love to do exclusive gift card giveaways to my subscribers.

And speaking of giveaways! For a chance to win one of two electronic copies of my romantic comedy, Destination Wedding, share your favorite book of 2015 in the comments below.

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Bundle Up! Second Time Around Bundle

Posted at Dec 13, 2015 5:39 pm

Happy Holidays! I’ve got a bundle that just might make your holidays merry and bright. Crimson Romance’s Second Time Around bundle includes my romantic comedy Holiday Wedding. If you love reunion romances, this is a great bundle to add to your e-reader!

I loved writing this story that is the companion book to Destination Wedding (but can also be read as a stand alone). I also have a fun character interview I did with my Holiday Wedding hero, Drew Cannon. You can read the interview here.

You can pick up this fabulous bundle at all e-retailers for $0.99. (Even lower on Amazon!)




Barnes & Noble





And don’t miss my books in other bundles! The Hot Hometown Hunks Collection is available at all e-retailers including Amazon and the Emerald Springs Legacy, also available at all e-retailers including Amazon.

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Halloween Fun!

Posted at Oct 17, 2015 11:31 pm

Halloween is just around the corner and it’s time for the 4th annual Attack of the 14 Nights of Halloween Giveaway from Laughing Vixen Lounge. 7 wickedly fun shops have come together to create one spooktalcular Prize Pack ($225+) full of Jewelry, Perfume, Clothing, Accessories and more! All shops are offering Gift Cards or your choice of item(s) so there will be something for everyone. Many of the shops have items perfect for any book lover along with lots of other unique, handcrafted and custom designs. You can enter via the Rafflecopter below or visit the Main Giveaway Page on the Laughing Vixen Lounge Blog HERE.

Join us daily on the Laughing Vixen Lounge Blog during the giveaway for our Halloween Movie Marathon featuring the Guess the Movie Game and our Murder Mystery Scavenger Hunt. Each event will get you daily entries in the giveaway plus a special giveaway for the Murder Mystery Scavenger Hunt. Find full details for these events HERE.

October is the perfect time for watching spooky movies. Along with the Halloween Movie Marathon each of our participating shops, and many of our blog sponsors, will be sharing some of their favorite movie choices with you.

The giveaway runs October 18th – November 1st and is open worldwide. 1 winner will win the Prize Pack and 1 winner will win the Scavenger Hunt Prize Pack. Laughing Vixen Lounge is responsible for all giveaway details. Please visit the Laughing Vixen Lounge Blog
HERE to see the full prize list, participating shops and daily giveaway events.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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The Hot Hometown Hunks Box Set is Available Oct. 6!

Posted at Oct 3, 2015 9:49 pm



The Hot Hometown Hunks Collection releases October 6 for $0.99. This fabulous box set includes seven sizzling, seductive and satisfying books including Batter Up, the first book in my Bachelors of Buttermilk Falls series.

The box set is available for a limited time. One click now!


Barnes & Noble



Celebrate with us! Join our Facebook party on Tuesday, October 6 from 3 p.m. – 10 p.m. (ET). Featuring many best-selling authors and giveaways throughout the event.


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Rockin’ Reads Blog Hop!

Posted at Sep 19, 2015 1:34 am

rockin reads
I’m so thrilled to participate and to share with you all of my Rockin Read recommendations. The blog hop begins on the 23rd and goes thru the 30th. Plenty of time to hop around and get some fabulous book recommendations!
So who are my Rockin Read recommendations?
This year, I’ve been reading a few magical realism books and absolutely love Sarah Addison Allen’s Garden Spells and its companion book First Frost–both are magical, sweet, endearing! Loved both of them so much. I also loved The Peach Keeper. Yes, Sarah became my favorite, go-to author this summer!
But I also spent some time reading The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern. Have you read it? Think Hunger Games and a magical circus as the arena. This book is simply AMAZING. I highly recommend. It’s a book that I know I will re-read again and hopefully it will be a movie one day so I can watch it over and over.
I also love holiday romances and the season is just around the corner. (Well, let’s enjoy Fall first!) Candlelight Conspiracy  by Dana Volney is one of my favorites and is a fast, winter romance read that’s super sexy and fun. Loved the premise, and if you are ready to curl up with a pumpkin spice latte and your kindle, get this one!
**Blog Hop Giveaway** For a chance to win an electronic copy of my romantic comedy, Destination Wedding, leave a comment letting me know your favorite book(s) in 2015 so far. If you’ve read any of my Rockin Reads what did you think? Did you love them as much as I did?
**My e-newsletter** Before you leave, I hope you will sign up for my e-newsletter on my home page for exclusive gift card giveaways, release news, excerpts and yummy recipes.
**Facebook Party! Oct. 6** Who doesn’t love a Facebook Party with tons of giveaways? My magical realism romantic comedy, Batter Up, is part of the Hot Hometown Hunk Box Set. It releases on Oct. 6, and we’re celebrating with a party! Join us here!
Thanks for stopping by! Now, hop onto the next!


Bundle Up!

Posted at Sep 6, 2015 11:11 pm

There are sooooo many great $0.99 bundles out this month, and I’ve got three to add to your e-readers. One click today!



First, The Emerald Springs Legacy collection has been a wild success since its release last February. It’s a complete series written by Monica Tillery, Holley Trent, Elley Arden, Nicole Flockton and me! If you like small town, sexy romance this IS the box set for you! 

Available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and other e-retailers.




This week, Monica, Holley, Elley, Nicole, and I are also in the Whirlwind Romance box set for our Emerald Springs Legacy prequel. Now, you can get the prequel also in the Emerald Springs Legacy box set, but if you love novella length romances, this is a fabulous bundle to pick up! Available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and other e-retailers.




And last, but not least, the Hot Hometown Hunks Collection is available for pre-order and includes Batter Up, my romagic comedy. If you like your small town romance with a hint of magic, you’ll want to grab this so that you can read Batter Up for $0.99. And I guarantee you’ll love the other books in the collection written by fabulous best-selling authors. Available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble and other e-retailers.


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Taste the Magic! Tangled Up is Here!

Posted at Sep 1, 2015 12:32 am

51lshbqNKRL._SX331_BO1,204,203,200_ I’m so excited for the release of  Tangled Up (unbelievably excited!) It’s  the second in my Bachelors of  Buttermilk Falls series. 

 It takes a village for an author to  publish a book, and I’d love to give a  shout out and huge thank you to my  awesome cover  designer Steven Novak  of Novak  Illustrations and my fabulous  editor  Chrissy Wolfe of EFC Services  LLC. Both do amazing work. 




Here’s a sneak peek from Tangled Up

“This is never happening again.” Abby Stevens sat up and searched for her favorite orange cashmere sweater under the tangled sheets. Ruffling the navy blue duvet, she finally spotted it across the messy bedroom. Of course. It had been peeled off and tossed onto the floor hours ago, now peeking out under a red and white flannel shirt. Her brown, laced up high boots chucked to the side.

“Five words I know all too well.”

She twisted her torso toward her in-bed companion who wore nothing but his typical morning-after, smart-aleck grin. “Well, I mean it this time, Brandon Swift. We are not—and let me be perfectly clear—not doing this anymore.”

“If you say so.” He folded his arms behind his head, obviously not convinced. “So, I guess a round before you leave is out of the question?”

She glared at the man she’d spent yet another steamy night with tangled in his sheets. How on earth did ending up together virtually every evening for the last six weeks become her new normal? Amazingly hot lover? She’d give him that, but Brandon was not boyfriend material. She knew it. He knew it. Everyone in Buttermilk Falls knew that the latest bachelor in residence was hell-bent on keeping that status.

She wanted more, but definitely not with him. She was ready to fall in love and be in a long-term relationship with a man who loved her back. As pleasurable as being in his bed might be, what she was doing with Brandon was derailing her from reaching that goal.

It all started the night of the Final Fling, the town’s big, annual event celebrating the end of summer. If she hadn’t agreed to dance with him, she wouldn’t have known how awesome it felt to have his tight biceps around her or his warm breath tickling her ear.

The first time they’d slept together, she blamed it on the one too many Coronas she had consumed at the Buttermilk Tavern. But what about the other twenty-some-odd times?

She leaned down, reaching for her jeans on the floor. She needed to get her head on straight, and that started by covering her naked body STAT. This sex-crazed, self-centered, Los Angeles Times reporter turned small-town bartender was not the guy for her. What he was was the only obstacle in her path to finding true happiness. Their tryst needed to stop now.

He placed a palm on her bare back, and that simple act sent a tingling sensation through her. “You don’t think I can put an end to this, do you?” she asked, trying to ignore his amazing massaging skills as his fingers drew imaginary circles.

“Well, according to your cousin, we are soul mates.” He laughed and rested his hand on her hip. “I don’t think either one of us have any say in the matter.”

She rolled her eyes, knowing exactly what he was implying. Her cousin, Emma, had a special—slightly unorthodox—gift for predicting true love with their late grandmother’s enchanted mixing spoon and fresh cake batter. Emma had been matchmaking Buttermilk Falls’s bachelors at the Sugar Spoon bakery for years.

That was until six weeks ago during Emma’s Batter Up night. On that horrible evening, Abby’s name appeared in a batch Emma had whipped up for Brandon. “Just because your batch spelled out my name means nothing.”

“It means we’re going to be together, Abby Stevens. Just accept it,” he said with a hint of sarcasm.

She arched an eyebrow, fully aware the batter’s outcome was still a joke to him. “Like you have, Mr. ‘I’m Only Looking for a Good Time?’”

Brandon shrugged his answer.

“Exactly.” She swung her legs off the bed. She didn’t care about her cousin’s gift or Brandon’s inability to commit. This man was not her soul mate.

“Red, you know I’m not long-term material.” He sat up and gently moved her wavy hair to the side, kissing her exposed neck, a move that he did often and always ended with her falling back into his arms. “But that doesn’t mean we can’t have some fun,” he whispered. “I thought that’s what you wanted, too.”

She cocked her head as his lips traveled to her earlobe. To say what they’d been doing the last few weeks was fun was probably an understatement, but did she even like this guy? Her rational thoughts tried desperately to break through the sensual haze forming in her head as he nibbled on her ear. “You are very bad for me. I’m going to prove to you, and everyone in Buttermilk Falls, that, for once, my cousin was wrong.”

“Right.” He reached over to his nightstand for a foil before flipping her onto her back and pulling the comforter halfway up. “Care to let me show you how bad I am one last time before this never happens again?”

Abby sighed, running her hands down his rock hard abs. “This is the last time,” she insisted before his lips crushed hers.

Even if her body always fell victim to his touch, her heart and head were on the same page. Brandon Swift was not the guy for her. It was then and there Abby realized she’d have to take matters into her own hands to end what they were doing once and for all, and that might have to involve a little bit of magic.

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